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Meeting Notes

NAME OF COUNCIL/TEAM: Operations Council
OBJECTIVE OF MEETING: Review Updates for Safety, Operations/Facilities, IT, and Budgets
DATE OF MEETING: 01/25/2022
TIME: 1:30pm
CALL-IN NUMBER:Meeting ID: 827 6903 1008
CALL-IN CODE: Passcode: 468548
FACILITATOR(S): Koue Vang, Matthew Blevis
ASSISTANT: Beth Madigan
MEMBERS PRESENT: Araceli Badilla, Pamela Bimbi, Matthew Blevis, Roger Davidson, BonnyJean Bowman, Keri Jumelet, Beth Madigan, Michele Arnott, Stacey Burrows, Jan Delapp, Joshua Johnson, Koue Vang, Angie Velarde-Burch, Cheryl Sears
INVITED GUEST(S): Faryal Said, Israeline Grayson
Attached Files:
FINAL CDF 2021-22
LRCCD PDF Allocations 2021-22
Topic Person(s) Responsible Notes
What are the current safety concerns and plans? Chris Day
Operations Director indicated that there are still homeless on campus.
What is the update on the college budget? Koue Vang
ARC's Final 2021-22 College Discretionary Funds (CDF) budget allocation and how it's computed was explained by the Chair. ARC's CDF is $2.6 million. CDF is comprised of four factors: Weekly Student Contact Hours (WSCH), Full-time Equivalent Positions (FTE), Assigned Square Footage (ASF), and Base – basic amount operational needs. The LRCCD PDF 2021-22 schedule was also shared. 
What is the update on the COVID-19 process and protocols? Koue Vang
An addition to the current COVID protocols for campus include the following guidance: When an individual tests positive for COVID, they can wait 5 days and have a PRC test done. If PRC test comes back negative, they can  return to campus. They can choose to quarantine 10 days without testing.
What is the status of the IT projects? Jeff Bucher
Operations Director reported for IT Supervisor  that ITSM—the new district wide helpdesk system-goes online around April. More to come as we get closer.

Flexible Participation Classrooms (High flex)
The Nutrition classroom in Art and Science Building and the Speech classroom in Davies Hall have PO’s cut and are ready to schedule installation depending on equipment availability. There are 6 more Flexible Participation classrooms planned 2 FAA, 2 HE and 2 STEM.

Tutor Zoom Huddle rooms in the LRC are completed. The next step is training for staff REQ’s stage are being processed transform our Conference rooms into Zoom rooms. The Rooms will be live in the Spring Semester.

Tech Ed Classroom Migration
Project is about 80% transferred over to Portable Village I and II. The two remaining Tech Ed classrooms are required to be live for the Spring semester and the Portable Village space still requires modifications. The faculty will be moving over to their new spaces in Portable Village II in February.
What is the status of the facilities projects? Cheryl Sears
Operations Director reported that the track had major water leaks, was demolished and the new track is on target to be completed by 2/4/2022. Striping of the track is scheduled for 2/5-7. 

Technical Education offices have moved to Portable Village #603 for the most part.  

Testing company Biocepts is now testing for COVID in Community Rooms 3 & 4 on Monday/Thursday from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Wednesdays from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., and Fridays from 7:00 - 9:00 a.m. for athletes and coaches only. 

Operations main office is moving to the old Child Development Center. 

Over 300 free Chromebooks have been approved for distribution to students made possible by a grant from Los Rios; if students don't qualify for the free Chromebooks, they can borrow one for free from the Library.

Operations has plenty of the N95 masks for the asking but no KN95 masks.

Question Person(s) Responsible Notes and Decision(s) Next Steps
Question Person(s) Responsible Notes and Next Steps
What are the concerns of the Broken Women statues? Faryal Said Two classified employees, Faryal Said and Israeline Grayson, came to speak to the Operations Council about the implications of the three goddess statues outside of the Welcome & Support Center. WEAVE was stationed in the Welcome Center, so their clients pass these statues. Concerns were expressed that the statues are being interpreted as representing violence and abuse and are seen as "broken" women. Many of our students have been victims of domestic violence and abuse and these images are frightening, traumatic and shocking. Pieces of the bodies are missing which can be seen to represent mutilation of women, bodily damage, disability, and breast removal. The recommendation to the Operations Council is to remove of all 3 statues from any Los Rios campus. Sell them and donate the money to a campus charity.

Operations Director outlined the next steps in the review process. The issue will be taken to the Arts Council for an open discussion with stakeholders. A recommendation will come back to the Operations Council, and Faryal and Israeline will be invited back for that discussion.
What are the concerns for access to nongendered and/or single-stall restrooms? Cheryl Sears For clarity, "all gender bathrooms" refer to the single stall restrooms on campus. Two years ago, guidance from District was to put a triangle sign on the single stall rooms with a sign that says "restroom." This verbiage was selected by District. Then, signs were put up by the PRIDE Center that said "all gender bathroom" but there were complaints from the LGBTQ community that this verbiage was making those transitioning genders a target. There needs to be further discussion with the PRIDE Center who currently have competing points of view on this topic, but could champion a solution to the Operations Council. The solution must be approved by all Los Rios' campuses for consistent messaging.

A map of all gender inclusive bathrooms on campus is being designed.

Recommendation and approved to take this to ELT.
Topic Contact Person