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Meeting Notes

NAME OF COUNCIL/TEAM: Operations Council
OBJECTIVE OF MEETING: Review Updates for Safety, Operations/Facilities, IT, and Budgets
DATE OF MEETING: 04/26/2022
TIME: 1:30pm
CALL-IN NUMBER:Meeting ID: 827 6903 1008
CALL-IN CODE: Passcode: 468548
FACILITATOR(S): Koue Vang, Matthew Blevis
ASSISTANT: Beth Madigan
MEMBERS PRESENT: Araceli Badilla, Pamela Bimbi, Matthew Blevis, BonnyJean Bowman, Jeff Bucher, Chris Day, Keri Jumelet, Beth Madigan, Cheryl Sears, Stacey Burrows, Jan Delapp, Joshua Johnson, Koue Vang, Angie Velarde-Burch, Steven Roberson
INVITED GUEST(S): Sarah Lehmann, Pablo Manzo, Lydia Chappell, Jennifer LaFlam
Attached Files:
ARC Capital Projects List
Topic Person(s) Responsible Notes
What are the current safety concerns and plans? Chris Day
Captain reports car break ins where items were stolen. Several events will be covered by campus police such as "Meet of Champions" - a large track event, ARC Graduation, and a Parkinson's Walk in May. Staffing at all levels remains challenging: dispatchers, security officers, safety officers and police officers.
What is the update on the college budget? Koue Vang
American River College (ARC) has submitted a  priority list of capital projects to utilize the $3.5 million from District for capital projects based on safety, urgency and funding. Examples include: 1) electric vehicle solar charging stations; 2) 3) replace carpeting in Counseling; 4) campus fleet upgrade (replace 7 vans with high mileage and 8 gas golf carts with electric; 5) tree maintenance and removal and a new greenhouse in Horticulture; 6) replace the roll up door in the Theater courtyard; 7) ADA updates for stadium; 8) replace flooring in Health & Education's SIM Lab; 9) replace the window bank in Fine Arts area; 10) new fume hood in Chemistry; 11)  new bleachers  and gym renovation; 12)  replace all eye wash stations; 13) replaster swimming  pool in Physical Education department; 14) provide wind screens for tennis courts to name a few (see attached ARC Capital Projects List)
What is the update on the COVID-19 process and protocols? Koue Vang
No changes to COVID protocol. Started outside facilities rental. Inside facilities rentals is limited due to COVID protocols.
What is the status of the IT projects? Jeff Bucher
A new HelpDesk called "Service Central" will go live in June or July.  Streaming graduation will provide a co-option for those who cannot attend in person.
What is the status of the facilities projects? Cheryl Sears
A group met to discuss the  implications of the three statues of women in front of the Welcome Center. Two options were put forward: 1) get one more plaque to add to the two already in place and put a descriptive plaque in front of each statue; and 2) QR codes can be used by all campuses to locate artwork around the colleges. Moving the statues could cost over $150,000 for which there is no funding. Selling the statues is not an option. Operations Council recommends this item to be taken to PET. 

Water bottle fillers will replace the bubblers. Paper cup receptacles will temporarily be placed near the water bottle filler stations for those who have no bottle to fill until a permanent solution is found. There are no longer any old fashioned water fountains, and in the new STEM building all the new fountains were removed.

The Academic Senate have math facilities concerns regarding sanitation and whether ARC is in compliance with the Health Code. Operations Director is meeting with an industrial hygienist for expertise and assistance. 

The Technical Education building is tied up in the finance department causing a 5 month delay. This is a 24-month long project with groundbreaking scheduled for October 2022. Expectation is that the new Tech Ed building will be ready to hold classes by Spring 2025. The delay impacts the demolition of Portable village which will be delayed as well.

Natomas' project had a completion date of January 2023, but this project has been held up with a newly projected completion date of Summer or Fall 2024.

The Canteen in the Student Center is not being widely used for food, but students are studying in the cafeteria.

Biocept Hours continue to be Monday through Thursday. Operations has 6 pallets of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) available to all who need it. 

Question Person(s) Responsible Notes and Decision(s) Next Steps
Question Person(s) Responsible Notes and Next Steps
What data was collected in the 2022 ARC Student Campus Climate Survey and have any critical points of inquiry led to action? Jennifer Laflam There is a Student Campus Climate Survey being conducted now, and students have received the survey by email with a response deadline of the end of September. Questions on safety, inclusion, and academics were asked. This is the second climate survey in two years. Operations Council has input as to how the collected data will be analyzed.
What progress has been made by the Bookstore Advisory Committee? Sarah Lehmann The Bookstore Advisory Committee is comprised of 12 members including faculty, bookstore manager, librarian, students and the Vice President, Administrative Services. One of the main objectives of the Advisory Committee is to promote timely textbook adoptions that inform the Library as to what books are needed for classes. The Library uses this to purchase one of each textbook for students who may not afford them in order to help close this equity gap. Promotion of textbook adoptions includes: website, aligning ARC's scheduling timetables with adoptions, instructional videos (coming soon), Follett's Discover Workshops, presentations to Academic and Classified Senates, and simplifying email communication to students about textbooks.
What is the update on the gender neutral restroom planning report? Pablo Manzo The Associate Vice Chancellor, Facilities Management, spoke to the Council about the process of adopting a planning document that will guide implementation for gender neutral bathrooms to create a more inclusive environment (see attached Document - 2021.09.10_LRCCD_Restroom_Brief) for new or modernizing buildings . Six areas of consideration are outlined in the planning document: safety, accessibility, cost, equity and inclusion, privacy, and maintenance. Questions from members regarding multiple stall gender neutral bathrooms and how people are appointed to these planning efforts selected to serve were asked. Expansion to multiple stall all gender bathrooms is under consideration. The selection of who will serve is requested from the Vice President, Administrative Services of each college, and names are put forward for a user group of those who will occupy the facility in question.
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