Notes - Approved

Meeting Notes

NAME OF COUNCIL/TEAM: Institutional Effectiveness Council
OBJECTIVE OF MEETING: Introductions, Updates, Discussion
DATE OF MEETING: 02/28/2022
TIME: 3:00pm
CALL-IN NUMBER:Join by Skype for Business
CALL-IN CODE: Meeting ID: 965 9700 6975 Passcode: 823618
FACILITATOR(S): BJ Snowden, Bill Simpson
ASSISTANT: Mary Goodall
MEMBERS PRESENT: Ryan Bonomo, Roger Davidson, Frank Kobayashi, Yujiro Shimizu, Bill Simpson, Robert Snowden, Corinne Arrieta, Mary Goodall, Jennifer Laflam, Janay Lovering, Judy Mays, Robert Smith, Koue Vang,
INVITED GUEST(S): Jazzie Muganzo Murphy, Kathy Sorensen
Attached Files:
Working Copy - IEC Charter
Onboarding Charter
Topic Person(s) Responsible Notes
Introductions / New members -Jen Laflam Interim Dean of Institutional Effectiveness, and Innovation -Mark Sheppard Associated Student Body Representative -Robert Smith Classified Representative - Student Services Bill Simpson
What spots still need to be filled on council -Dean – Student Services -Dean – Instructional -Classified – Professional Development Rep Bill Simpson
Although we discussed this, it was brought up in more detail during our later discussion concerning our charter.
Program Review Upcoming Cycle – March 15th Janay Lovering
Many participants are gearing up to submit their presentations, but some haven't started. 
What can we put in place to help the process?
- More training
- Make process smoother
- Emailing all of next years cohort now, inviting them to watch
- Potentially hold areas accountable when they want to postpone their Review
- Let the broader college know more about why we do this, what happens with their requests, know how effective is it to those who join to learn about the area

Other thoughts: These discussions are huge for those that need to know more about what's happening, very positive, the process is far from perfect but implementation is key and that's what needs more of our focus
Districtwide Institutional Campus Climate Study Yuj Shimizu
District Campus Climate Survey update:

- Will be implemented Spring 2022
- Conducted by District Research via Sac City Research Staff
- Survey instrument is homegrown, combination of FLC and ARC Campus Climate Surveys
- Random sample of students will be surveyed, excluding Public Safety and Apprenticeship
Professional Development new New Faculty Academy coordinator Jen Laflam
PD Information:

- Call out for a new coordinator for the Learning Community
- Even with changes to the area, the process and work is ongoing
- Will work with previous coordinator during transition

- Ongoing CTL scheduled series: Grading, Supporting LatinX students, etc. Invitations and reminders of these are sent throughout the semester
- There were co-directors over the CTL, and Pam will continue her work during the transition as Jen moves to the Interim Dean role

We need to take a look at where we're at with both the PD plan and the restructuring of The office of Equity, Institutional Effectiveness, and Innovation to build out where we go next
Accreditation -Updates from forum -What’s next? Frank Kobayashi, Bill Simpson
- The ISER Team made a last minute evidence request, but members pulled everything together before the deadline

- We are now awaiting a document of Core Inquiries in early March

- We will be formulating responses by focus areas, then bring this together in what will dictate the college's formal response
- This is due  2 weeks before the ISER team visit in October (the week of 10th)

- The college is loosely figuring out who might be on these groups, we can set up meetings for these inquiry areas as needed

- After the visit the report will be  submitted to ACCJC by the visiting team
Annual Unit Plans -Did more areas participate? -Readdressing who needs to participate in Annual Unit Planning -Do we need a different plan for certain areas? BJ Snowden, All
Annual Unit Plans 
-Did more areas participate? Yes. There were 91 planning units this past year. 

Additional notes from users:
- I don't know how to read my data
- I don't know where to start
- What happens after? 
- Who will help get the action plans addressed?

- We still need more training, as well as follow up by the deans and VP's 

- The timeline is set between when we can get the data from the research team and giving the reviewers enough time before the semester ends. Making the November 15th date more reasonable for the future
Question Person(s) Responsible Notes and Decision(s) Next Steps
IEC Charter -Who should be the chair? (AVP or Dean) -Who should be the co-chair? (Accreditation Liaison or other) -This is missing from the IGOR Roster: Student Services Supervisor Representative/Management -Look over charter "working" document -Consensus approval All IEC Charter
-Who should be the chair? (AVP or Dean)
AVP makes sense because of their seat at the ELT table

-Who should be the co-chair? (Accreditation Faculty Co-Chair or other)
make it like Student Success Council, with a full-time faculty member on a 3 year term, may change after we've determined the separation of duties by the AVP and Dean in EIE&I

-We looked over the charter "working" document. It will be cleaned up and resent out for consensus approval

Onboarding Charter Jazzie Muganzo Murphy, Kathy Sorensen Onboarding Charter - Key elements:

- We need to assist all constituents to feel valued
- Ensure that they have the tools needed to be successful
- What will this mean to our students success?
- Onboarding has been limited for managers, and even less for classified professionals
- The New Faculty Academy was more meaningful, but needed some tweaks

- The team will look at the needs assessed in the Equity and PD plans

- We discussed the project team membership and the weighted amount of managers on the team, this will be looked at

- The team leads will get back to this council by Wednesday, March 2nd so we can look it over and come to consensus so this can be forwarded to ELT (ELT meets 3/7/22)

Question Person(s) Responsible Notes and Next Steps
AB 705 Yuj Shimizu Changes in AB 705

- We became aware of the issues and changes through our own research and a memo from the State Chancellor's office concerning no longer offering lower division classes, highly affecting struggling students and high school students taking college level courses

- We need to drat a report to chancellors office soon, citing our intentions and abiding with the law

Main concerns:
- Where we are with completion of transfer level classes, ex. Math 120 off the board
- Students are struggling to complete their classes without these support classes (more than a co-req can help many of them with understanding)
- Some classes have these as a pre or co req. So areas are scrambling to rewrite curriculum and program paths
- The current catalog can remain for this year, but new courses will be substituted for our next catalog

Long term:
- What can this council do to support the students, curriculum, program paths, etc. with implementation?
Topic Contact Person
Work more on Annual Unit Plans: -Readdressing who needs to participate in Annual Unit Planning -Do we need a different plan for certain areas? BJ Snowden, Janay Lovering
Future agenda item: - CTL/PD organizational structure Jen Laflam, Pam Chao
Core Inquiries from ISER review team and our response to them Frank Kobayashi, Bill Simpson
OTHER INFORMATION: Future Meetings: Mar 21, 2022 03:00 PM, Apr 18, 2022 03:00 PM, (May 16, 2022 03:00 PM?)