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NAME OF COUNCIL/TEAM: Operations Council
OBJECTIVE OF MEETING: Review updates on facilities, access, technology, budgets, and safety. Continue discussion and updates regarding Campus in-person operations reopening planning.
DATE OF MEETING: 04/27/2021
TIME: 1:30pm
CALL-IN NUMBER:1 669 900 6833
CALL-IN CODE: 921 6902 0797
FACILITATOR(S): Koue Vang, Olga Prizhbilov
ASSISTANT: Beth Madigan
MEMBERS PRESENT: Araceli Badilla, Pamela Bimbi, BonnyJean Bowman, Jeff Bucher, Roger Davidso, Keri Jumelet, Adam Karp, Beth Madigan, Michele Arnot, Isolina San Juan, Cheryl Sears, Parrish Geary, Olga Prizhbilov, Regena Tiner, Koue Vang
INVITED GUEST(S): Annaliese Pennell
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Meeting Notes 3/23/2021
Operation Council Schedule 2021-2022
Topic Person(s) Responsible Notes
What are the safety updates? Captain Day, Cheryl Sears
No real issues to report.
What are the facilities and maintenance and access updates? Cheryl Sears
ARC Projects:
•	Tennis Courts-  Start: 4/1/21, End: 8/1/21
Notice to Proceed; Demo starts May 3rd 
•	Boiler Replacement Phase 2 - Start: 5/10/21, End: 10/1/21
•	Tech Ed – Temp Housing -Start: 12/1/21, End: 2/1/22
•	Natomas TAP & Offsite Parking - Start: 3/1/22, End: 8/1/22
•	Tech Ed Modernization - Start: 4/1/22, End: 4/1/24
•	Natomas Phase II & III - Start: 7/1/22, End: 1/1/24
•	Rose Marks Plaza Relocation - Start: 5/1/23, End: 11/1/23
•	Other Projects:
o	ITC project
o	Home bases
o	VR room
o	Observatory
o	Admin Executive Wing partitions
o	Bus stop
o	Wayfinding
o	Sundial
b.	Impossible to Convert & Difficult to Convert
•	Met with Deans to begin planning how to safely bring back students in the Summer and Fall
•	Summer Classes On Ground
•	Plexiglas
i.	Culinary
What are the technology updates? Jeff Bucher
STEM will be online for the summer, if needed. ITC staffers under Jeff will move to the former BSO office area including programmers, HelpDesk, and web team. 

Starting with Student Services, IT will begin to recreate workstations to move towards a "mobile workforce" in the Fall per District. Financial Aid lab will need physical computers and the Assessment lab will need landing zones for laptops to plug into. 

Changing from a desktop model to a laptop model. IT expects a significant amount of change in the near future, especially if a hybrid model is an option for employees. Home access of personal equipment and computers used for work is phasing out.

New High Flex classrooms will have display monitors and cameras to provide a combination of in-person and remote class options. 

IT will be purchasing laptops for employees to use both at home (in case of pandemics, toxic smoke) and on campus. Out of 66 laptops available from IT, all but 4 have been assigned. Using one time HEERF funding, IT will be able to replace these loaned out laptops with docking stations (and assigned workstations). 

Hot spots were purchased for the Athletics department to be able to stream games.

Wireless connectivity in the multi-tiered Parking Garage will provide availability and a safe, personal space for students to sit in their car and use their computers between classes.
What are the budget updates? Koue Vang
For the second year in a row, the College Discretionary Funds budget for ARC maybe cut by 50%.  This amount would equate to $1.4 million. More to come after May Revise.

Question Person(s) Responsible Notes and Decision(s) Next Steps
Approve Minutes from 3/23/2021 Koue Vang, Olga Prizhbilov 5
Notes were approved by consensus with no changes.
Question Person(s) Responsible Notes and Next Steps
What are the updates and issues to discuss in regard to the Campus Reopening Planning? Koue Vang The Reopening Planning was discussed in the items above. No further discussion.
Discuss Operations Council schedule for 2021-2022 Koue Vang, Olga Prizhbilov Chair proposes that Operations Council meets for one and one half (1.5) hours instead of 2 hours unless needed. Consensus to shorten the meetings going forward.

This is the last Operations Council meeting of the academic year. Next meeting will be scheduled for September 28, 2021.
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