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Meeting Notes

NAME OF COUNCIL/TEAM: Operations Council
OBJECTIVE OF MEETING: Review updates from Facilities & Maintenance, Safety, Technology, Way Finding, Wellness Center Implementation, Sustainability Team Update, Technology Plan Team Update.
DATE OF MEETING: 04/28/2020
TIME: 1:30pm
CALL-IN NUMBER:1 669 900 6833
CALL-IN CODE: 735 344 942
FACILITATOR(S): Koue Vang, Olga Prizhbilov
ASSISTANT: Beth Madigan
MEMBERS PRESENT: Koue Vang, Michele Arnott, Pamela Bimbi, BonnyJean Bowman, Jeff Bucher, Roger Davidson, Keri Jumelet, Adam Karp, Beth Madigan, Sarah Mattson, Cheryl Sears, David Shrope-Austin, Jacob Couch, Jan DeLapp, Kennedy Galvez, Parrish Geary, Kate Jaques, Beth Madigan, Olga Prizhbilov, Regena Tiner
INVITED GUEST(S): Scott Crow, Nick Daily
Attached Files:
Everyone On Exchange Guidelines v3
Religious Observance Guidelines Presentation
Topic Person(s) Responsible Notes
What are the facilities and maintenance and access updates? Cheryl Sears
Cheryl Sears reported that most projects are on pause that have no purchase requirement, and other projects will proceed once we are back on campus. The following projects are in progress: 1) fencing is down between Counseling and Wellness Center; 2) flashing is complete on the Learning Resource Center; and 3) STEM building has furniture ordered, switches are on plan and the start date is Fall. 

Campus closure: Cheryl is on site on Mondays from 9 - 2 and Thursdays from 10 - 1. If employees need something from their office, process is to contact supervisor who will notify Cheryl and arrangement will be made. Travel through Stadium Parking Lot to Ranch House for pick up.

Natomas Center: campus police have been out there but no one from Operations yet. Cheryl will personally check on Natomas' offices.
What are the safety updates? Captain Day
Cheryl reported for Captain Day that campus police are on site at ARC indicating that campus has a massive termite issue and that human feces are a consequence of homeless on campus due to the closure.
What are the technology updates? Jeff Bucher
Jeff Bucher reports that IT is in a holding pattern. Computers:  there are only 8 Surface Pros left and new Surface Pros need to be purchased. Temporary classified employees who need to return equipment can do so. Printers cannot be supported remotely, so only being allowed for remote workers on an individual case basis.
Adobe licenses and signatures for certifying officers to Administrative Assistants.????? Adobe licenses are available for all ARC employees - follow the remote operations link on the insider page for instructions - or contact IT.
What are the updates on budget implications due to COVID-19? Koue Vang
Interim Vice President, Administrative Services Koue Vang updated Council on State and ARC budgets: 

1) Based on the most recent message from the Chancellor, DO is anticipating and planning for 10% -15% reduction for FY 2020-21.  ARC will also be planning for a 15 - 20% reduction; and

2)Temporary classified employees and Student Help who were identified as the following will be laid off as of May 20, 2020, which they have been called:
•	Not essential for 100% Summer online operation 
•	Not essential for 100% Summer online operations and not critical for Fall face to face operations 
     No new Intents will not be allowed unless employees were identified as essential for summer.

3) Purchasing has been stopped. Only critical purchases are allowed. The savings will be carried over to help with next year’s budget. We are still waiting on how categorical funding will be impacted. In 2008-19 Recession, categorical funding was cut by 40%.
Technology Mast Plan Project Team Update form Executive Leadership Team Koue Vang
Koue Vang and Jeff Bucher introduced a new project team: Technology Master Plan Project Team. There is a District-wide technology plan to centralize IT. ARC needs to modify its master plan to include members from District's IT, identify needs and align with District. Koue Vang will Chair and Jeff Bucher as Co-Chair is recommended by Executive Leadership Team.  One issue is whether District can offer Chromebooks to students, how would they be returned, how to sanitize and then redeploy computers to other students?
Question Person(s) Responsible Notes and Decision(s) Next Steps
Approval of meeting notes from 3/31/2020 Koue Vang, Olga Prizhbilov 5
Meeting notes from 3-31-20 were approved by consensus with no changes.
Does the team approve the recommendation to place local Native nations tribal flags along the grey border in the cafeteria? Koue Vang, Olga Prizhbilov Approved by consensus.
The Council discussed the recommendation about local Native nations tribal flag request, and asked what would be the process if other groups have a similar request?
Does Operations Council need to meet again before the end of Spring 2020 semester? If so, what dates? Koue Vang, Olga Prizhbilov Not meeting until September.
Does the team approve the recommendations for "Everyone on Exchange" to move forward to ELT and appropriate constituencies? Scott Crow Scott Crow reviewed the draft guidelines for how and who may access the "Everyone on the Exchange." Consensus to move the draft guidelines to the Executive Leadership Council for review.
Question Person(s) Responsible Notes and Next Steps
What are the team recommendations for "Everyone On Exchange" Guidelines? Scott Crow Council recommendations were incorporated into the draft guidelines for "Everyone on the Exchange."
What does the team need to consider as we start the conversation on religious inclusion guidelines? Nick Daily Nick Daily made a presentation to Council to introduce Religious Inclusion Guidelines along with a breakout session for discussion purposes. Next steps could include: 1) create a resource group; 2) provide packet with list of religious holidays; and 3) determine short term guidelines for Ramadan. Nick, Scott Crow and Bill Lester will develop a communication strategy for Ramadan. Nick will research District practices such as how official holidays are selected and why Personal Necessity (PRN) is used (which is actually taken from sick leave) for all other religious holidays with documentation required as to which religious holiday is observed and its date.

Topic Contact Person
Religious Guidelines, Accommodation and Observation Nick Daily
OTHER INFORMATION: There will be no May meeting of Operations Council and no meetings during Summer. Next meeting is scheduled for September 2020.