Notes - Approved

Meeting Notes

NAME OF COUNCIL/TEAM: Executive Leadership Team
OBJECTIVE OF MEETING: Discuss College Happenings
DATE OF MEETING: 04/04/2022
TIME: 3:00pm-5:00 pm
CALL-IN NUMBER:+1 346 248 7799 (US Toll)
CALL-IN CODE: 930 7935 1925
FACILITATOR(S): Melanie Dixon
MEMBERS PRESENT: Matthew Blevis, Stacey Burrows, Kristin Farlow, Amy Gaudard, Carina Hoffpauir, Frank Kobayashi, Sarah Lehmann, Mark Sheppard, Alisa Shubb, Bill Simpson, Tressa Tabares, Scott Crow, Susan McCoy, Robert Snowden, Jeff Stephenson, Koue Vang
INVITED GUEST(S): Marianne Harris
Attached Files:
ELT Notes 03.07.22 (draft)
IEC Charter (draft)
Guided Pathways: Scale of Adoption (Draft)
Black Faculty & Staff Association (BFSA) Demand Letter
Topic Person(s) Responsible Notes
Council / Project Team Highlights from Written Reports Council Leads / Co-Leads
Nothing shared outside of written reports
Constituency Group Highlights from Written Reports Constituency Group Leaders
Associated Student Body
- Elections are coming up and had 8 applicants, including one for senate president
- SSCC General Assembly was over the weekend
- A variety of projects are developing between ASB Senate and UNITE Center coordinators
- Resolution developing in support of equity, inclusion, diversity, bystander intervention, and situation de-escalation training opportunities for Student Help employees
- This Thursday, three ARC students will be attending a virtual workshop for student-driven sustainability in higher education and reporting to ASB Senate on Friday

Announcement:  Commencement is May 18 with 2022 graduates only

Question Person(s) Responsible Notes and Decision(s) Next Steps
Approval of March 7, 2022 ELT Notes Melanie Dixon Thumbs up - approved
Institutional Effectiveness Council - Charter Update BJ Snowden / Bill Simpson - Strengthened and clarified charter
- Clarified chair and identified the rotation of membership
- Term 1 ends in 2025; Term 2 ends in 2023; Term 3 ends in 2024
- Q: why doesn't everyone have a term? - Some positions are a single individual and identified by the position, not the individual
- Program review chair serving in position; as listed it identifies a representative
- Will signify that program review chair is ex officio position
- Thumbs up - approved with revisions

Creation of Curriculum Tracking System BJ Snowden / Bill Simpson - Growing number of technologies that pull information from Socrates
- Some pull information automatically by date and some are produced manually
- Thus, not all information is the same across the board
- Need accurate information so students are accurately advised
- Could use MapMaker to share information with anyone who needs it
- Already have access to the data and about half the reporting completed
- ARC programmer can complete the remainder of the reporting necessary
- DO manager identified that this should be a college issue to resolve
- Possibly viewed as a personnel request as opposed to a technology issue
- Also brought forward to VPSS team; told the same thing that it's the college's responsibility to capture all the changes
- Is there additional staffing required outside of the programmer's responsibilities?
- Wherever it's housed, it would be a report available for anyone on campus
- Thumbs up
- Will move forward to President Executive Team for further discussion

Question Person(s) Responsible Notes and Next Steps
Back on Campus Update Frank Kobayashi - Summer approximately 30% face to face
- Summer enrollment down approximately 20%
- Fall priority registration opens next week
- Fall approximately 40% face to face
- Effective August 1, from an office stand point and all offices will be open 5 days a week
- There appears to be no intent behind planning online vs on-ground classes and services
- Fall 2022 has MOU in place to be 100% online
- Expectation is four days a week on ground for classified employees with the fifth day up to supervisor agreement
- Additional food service available beginning in Fall?
- Working on getting food trucks once we're more on ground
- Possible RFP district-wide for the future

Accreditation Update Frank Kobayashi / Bill Simpson - Respective councils and others over core inquiries are having discussions
- Core inquiries response first draft by end of April
- Hope to submit prior to deadline of September 26
Guided Pathways: Scale of Adoption Jeff Stephenson - Compliance document updated every year
- Went through all councils, senates and committees for review and updates
- Appreciate all the eyes on the document
Black Faculty & Staff Association (BFSA) Demand Letter Melanie Dixon - Letter attached to agenda
- BJ working on college response regarding college activities
- Overwhelming outpouring of support
- Goal is to be responsive
- Change is actually happening: alignment with PD efforts and instituted a black allyship protocol for all managers to complete training by the end of the semester; centering our efforts for summer and fall planning
- Also looking to tap into local talent who can speak to ARC history and culture
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