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Meeting Notes

NAME OF COUNCIL/TEAM: Institutional Effectiveness Council
OBJECTIVE OF MEETING: Updates, Discussions
DATE OF MEETING: 03/21/2022
TIME: 3:00pm-5:00pm
LOCATION/ROOM #: Join Zoom Meeting
FACILITATOR(S): BJ Snowden, Bill Simpson
ASSISTANT: Mary Goodall
MEMBERS PRESENT: Ryan Bonomo, Roger Davidson, Yujiro Shimizu, Bill Simpson, Robert Snowden, Mary Goodall, Jennifer Laflam, Janay Lovering, Judy Mays, Joel Keebler, Kale Braden, Corinne Arrieta
INVITED GUEST(S): Frank Kobayashi
Attached Files:
IEC Charter
Bias Response Charter
Topic Person(s) Responsible Notes
Welcome new members BJ Snowden, Bill Simpson
Institution Set Standards update Yuj Shimizu
Understanding Institution-Set Standards
- This is what's required by accreditation (ACCJC)
- Student Achievement Data must be "one click" away from home page for accessibility
- The set standard is the minimum (floor) and we have met these
- The stretch goals (aspirational) are not completely met but this is what we work to achieve 
- The college should update its five-year stretch goals as part of our strategic planning effor

- Can disaggregation be done? Yes, although not asked for by ACCJC
- Do we become leaders with this? Can we do better? We can look into it stretching our goals
Progress on filling open seats on the council - Dean Representative - Student Services - Student Services Supervisor Representative - Faculty Representative - Professional Development - Classified - Professional Development Representative Bill Simpson
To fill the open positions on the council:
- BJ to check in with Deans and Supervisors for the two management positions 
- Bill will check in with the Academic Senate
- Mary will check in with the Classified Senate
Question Person(s) Responsible Notes and Decision(s) Next Steps
Is the IEC charter complete enough to forward to ELT Bill Simpson 10
Final changes:
- Changing the co-chair term
- Adding terms to more members
- Adding year range to the document
- Adding meeting pattern
- Approved by council
Question Person(s) Responsible Notes and Next Steps
Core Inquiry Number 1 Accreditation Frank Kobayashi - ISER submitted, team review was done, four core inquiries for ARC:
Main item for IEC to look at from core inquiry #1:
- What do we (the college) do if we don't meet our institutional set standards?
In Annual Unit Planning, planning units look at their department set standards (what we call institutional set standards at the planning unit level). If they don't meet their standards, they can identify the resources they need to improve and meet the standard in the future.
At the college level, it is actually rare that we don't meet all of our institutional set standards. One example was a year with low transfer rates that could be traced to the CSU/UC systems not accepting as many transfers that year. This was shared at the council but no action was done because the reason it had occurred was outside of our control. Another example was when the job placement rates for some career programs were too low by just 1 or 2 students, which could be addressed using resource requests during Annual Unit Planning.
- ARC's timeline is to have this written up before the October 2022 site visit
- Response on all 4 items must be within 300 words

Developing a system to track curriculum changes Bill Simpson - We have several student-facing technologies that pull data from Socrates (online catalog, online schedule, program maps, Degree Audit, Degree Planner, etc...).
- Some of these are updated automatically but some are updated manually, so the course and program information we show students is not always the same.
- Manual processes take time and are likely to miss things
- Counselors would like to know what changed from one catalog to the next, and what changes were added as an addendum mid-year.
- District said it should be up to each college to deal with this.
- Can something be developed to assist with this at ARC? Is it something we could share with our sister colleges once it has been developed?
- per Kale - there is a back end database (daily generated, read-only) way to access Socrates data at ARC
- Should this be set as a college priority to move forward?
Sending recommendation for development to ELT was approved by council
Look over the charter for Bias Response BJ Snowden We read over the Bias Response Charter (SSC project) and there were these questions and comments:
- In need section - The wording of tribal bias may need to be changed to something more appropriate (Jen will check in with Native American Resource Center)
- We would like to offer assistance to the team to adjust calendar (Mary)
- Should there be some community members input? (BJ will ask the team leads and SSC council)

Topic Contact Person
OTHER INFORMATION: Final meeting for the semester: April 18th, 2022 @ 3pm Meeting URL: Meeting ID: 991 5872 4588