Notes - Approved

Meeting Notes

NAME OF COUNCIL/TEAM: Executive Leadership Team
OBJECTIVE OF MEETING: Discussion of Current College Happenings
DATE OF MEETING: 03/07/2022
TIME: 3:00pm
CALL-IN NUMBER:+1 346 248 7799 (US Toll)
CALL-IN CODE: 930 7935 1925
FACILITATOR(S): Melanie Dixon
MEMBERS PRESENT: Sarah, Carina, Frank, Bill, Jeff, Amy, Jennifer, Alisa, Scott, Amy, Koue, Tressa, Kristin, Melanie, Alisa, BJ, Jen, Stacey, Mark
INVITED GUEST(S): Marianne Harris Kathy Sorensen Jazzie Muganzo-Murphy
Attached Files:
ELT Notes 02.07.22 (draft)
Strategic Enrollment Management 2.0 - Draft Charter
Employee Onboarding Project Team Charter - Draft
GP - Scale of Adoption (Draft)
Topic Person(s) Responsible Notes
Council / Project Team Highlights from Written Reports Council Leads / Co-Leads
Constituency Group Highlights from Written Reports Constituency Group Leaders
Academic Senate:
- March/April are Textbook Adoption Months
- Surprised by recommended mask announcement
- Some pressure to comply with new state recommendations
- It's a choice
- Still engaging in contract tracing
- Question:  Have unions weighed in?
- Yes, they've been involved
- Student circulating petition and wanting to speak to the Board about going to 100% remote
- President Dixon meeting with student on Friday and will hear concerns
- Safety of staff and students of paramount concern

Classified Senate:
- A bit behind in elections, probably held the first week of May
- Several positions available
- Need administrator/supervisor support for classified participation in PD Day (week of Spring Break)

- Elections beginning
- Partnership with Beaver Cares to put together shower kits for students with housing challenges and those who use the college's showers
Guided Pathways - Scale of Adoption Jeff Stephenson
Question Person(s) Responsible Notes and Decision(s) Next Steps
Approval of February 7, 2022 ELT Notes Melanie Dixon - Thumbs up; approved

Strategic Enrollment Management Project Team Charter II Frank Kobayashi - Draft charter attached
- SEM Part 1.0 was prior to the pandemic
- SEM Part 2.0 is post pandemic
- Changing dynamic of scheduling due to pandemic
- Q: projected membership, include physical education (kinesiology) which might have unique scheduling needs?
- Thumbs up - accepted

Employee Onboarding Project Team Charter - Draft Kathy Sorensen/Jazzie Muganzo-Murphy - Presented by Kathy Sorensen & Jazzie Muganzo Murphy
- Some equity language added to deliverables
- Academic Senate requested more specificity to faculty memberships
- Need a little further information on having a coordinator
- Coordinator may have been involved in hiring practices outside of faculty positions
- Any interest in having a classified professional be a classified supervisor
- Some discussion on classified professionals but nothing specific to supervisor
- Timeline is tight
- BJ's team will be tasked with putting together the implementation phase
- Implementation team will provide another layer of eyes on the recommendations and will likely yield more recommendations
- Faculty appointment looks to have experience with DI populations; include that for a classified employee?
- Some flexibility with deadlines?
- Could result in a recommendation for an extension
- Three classified already appointed, is the classified supervisor in addition?
- Thumbs up

Question Person(s) Responsible Notes and Next Steps
Re-Opening Plan Frank Kobayashi - Third wave of re-opening was February 22
- 30% face to face; 70% online (Sp22)
- Planning for close to 30% face to face; 70% online (Su22) and 37% face to face; 63% online (Fl22)
- Area Offices re-opening over time
- Remembering that we're here for students and a normalcy of being back slowly phases in
- Priority registration for summer occurring right now

Student Services
- Re-opened services on February 22
- Usually 3 hrs/week with longer hrs on Wednesday through the end of this week
- Beginning next week: 9-5 on M,T,Th and 9-6 on Wed
- Food service on ground with food truck, Canteen options in cafeteria
- Unite Center is waiting on new furniture delivery
- Will continue to add services and hours as needed

- How are we gathering information on students needs, wants, etc.
- Student survey being discussed
- Chancellor's Exec discussion about whether it's district wide or ARC only
- What do students expect from their choice of modality
- Survey will come out from BJ and Jen's area, share ideas with them
- Can use Call Center to follow up on some responses
- Definitely include something about transportation and constraints about RT
- Not only RT, but inflated cost of gas impacts students
- Online tutoring preferred right now because the cost of commuting to campus
- We will continue to contend with barriers we have no control over
- Increase cost of technology, wi-fi, internet access, etc.
- Supply chain issue with laptops
- Next meeting agenda: trends that are happening;
- Our technology infrastructure isn't as up to date as other four year/private institutions
- Need to look at access to Re-Opening website and make it much easier to find
- Two different re-opening pages - one from the insider and one accessible to the students
- Employee re-opening page has information specific to employees
- Include on employee page the communications that are sent to students
- Make re-opening more bold on the homepage
- Perhaps a name change to "Open on Ground" as we've already re-opened
- "Back on Campus" used on employee page; no circulating banner on exterior website

Accreditation Frank Kobayashi / Bill Simpson - Meet & Greet with ISER Team and Open Forum in February
- 13-Item Evidence request from the ISER team
- Responded to all requests
- Waiting now for Core Inquiries (due to be received on March 8)
- Will be posted on accreditation website
- 300-word response per inquiry as well as evidence
- Due two weeks prior to site visit (10/10)
- Huge kudos to Frank for stepping into this effort
- Learning and room for improvement in this process
Strategic Plan Melanie Dixon - Reaffirmation of strategic goals
- Plans inform those goals
- Working with BJ, Pam Chao and Joshua Moon Johnson on Institutional Equity Plan

Topic Contact Person
Re-Opening will change to Back on Campus Update - Began receiving phone calls from a former student - Race was a point of contention in these messages - Equity work we're doing is real and impacts lives - TRO will be served and covers the district - Goes into effect once served - Individual has not made any attempt to step on campus or cause any harm - Interest is in getting individual the help and assistance they need - African American (and likely other populations) are targeted on this campus - In response, believe the student when they say it's happening and act from a place that what the student is saying is true