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Meeting Notes

NAME OF COUNCIL/TEAM: Student Success Council
OBJECTIVE OF MEETING: Discuss agenda items
DATE OF MEETING: 09/07/2021
TIME: 1:00pm
CALL-IN NUMBER:+1 669 900 6833
CALL-IN CODE: 943 4190 3565
FACILITATOR(S): Frank Kobayashi, Sarah Lehmann
ASSISTANT: Beth Madigan
MEMBERS PRESENT: Nimo Ali, Sharon Gott, Marianne Harris, Adam Karp, Frank Kobayashi, Jennifer Laflam, Sarah Lehmann, Adam Windham, Raquel Arata, Beth Madigan, Jeff Stephenson
INVITED GUEST(S): Valerie Adger, Caterina Falli
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HomeBase Implementation Team Resource Panel
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Welcome, introductions, check in question: 1. Introduce yourself and your role at the college 2. Give a 30 second "elevator pitch" for a student support service or program you think folks might not know much about Sarah Lehmann, Frank Kobayashi
Welcome and introductions were made, and student support services or programs were highlighted by members.
College updates from Frank: enrollment, re-opening Frank Kobayashi
With the need to stay flexible in this ever changing COVID environment, Spring 2022 will continue be a mix of on ground and online classes with a shift to a significant online presence. 
Question Person(s) Responsible Notes and Decision(s) Next Steps
Approve notes from last meeting Sarah Lehmann 0
Notes from the last meeting were approved by consensus with no changes.
Review the list of topics we said we'd want to discuss this year. Is there anything we'd like to add to this list? Here's our list so far: 1) Centralization of Financial Aid & Admissions Records; 2) Beaver Cares Program for housing security; 3) Ethnic Studies Update; 4) HomeBases; 5) Supporting and Retaining Employees of Color - follow up on last year's Resource Panel report; 6) DI Reports and continued research; 7) Student communications for First Year Students; 8) Student Design Team; 9) Metrics of Student Success (AB705 , 313); 10)What's Going on with Teaching? Spend time discussing teaching and learning 11) Accreditation; 12) Restructuring Programs (UNITE; the HUB); 13) Reopening Transition Update; 14) Organizational Model Sarah Lehmann Suggestions for additional topics included: 1) consideration of becoming a Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) and 2) Ideas for textbook accessibility to all students (e.g. Textbook Adoption Program).
HomeBase Implementation Resource Panel Does the Student Success Council approve the Charter for the HomeBase Implementation Resource Panel? Frank Kobayashi The Student Success Council approved the HomeBase Implementation Resource Panel's Charter by consensus.

The Resource Panel meets every second and fourth Wednesday starting September 15, 2021 for the duration of Fall 2021. Co-Chairs are Frank Kobayashi and Jeff Stephenson. Members currently include the Academic Senate President and the Classified Senate President, Jennifer Laflam and Reyna Moore.

Suggestions were to add a second HomeBase staffer to the members, and consider the short- and long-term outcomes, impacts and which activities lead to these outcomes and impacts.

Question Person(s) Responsible Notes and Next Steps
What extra support can we give our Afghan students right now? ESL instructor Caterina Falli will join us to talk about ways we can support our Afghan students. Sarah Lehmann, Frank Kobayashi, Caterina Falli Caterina Falli gave her perspective of the current vulnerabilities and needs of our over 200 Afghan ARC students emphasizing the trauma to our students and family members with SIV status from the Taliban's takeover of Afghanistan.
How can we help support students with basic needs like housing and food? Valerie Adger will join us to talk about the Beaver Cares program. Check out their website: Sarah Lehmann, Frank Kobayashi, Valerie Adger Valerie Adger, Interim Supervisor of the Beaver Cares program, updated the Council on the services and goal of this program.

ARC has pivoted from the traditional Food Pantry model to an ARC Basic Needs Center. ARC continues to provide a drive-through pantry once a month where student may receive a case of non-perishables and a box of fresh produce- compliments of our local food bank.
Partnerships with CalFresh and our Culinary Program have provided funding to hire ambassadors and and videos on food preparation and cooking.

Housing is a critical need for some of our students. Emergency hotel vouchers have been received by 12+ students who include women with children. A partnership with "Extended Stay America" has given 6 students housing assistance. HEERF funds can be applied to offer housing deposit money.

Another need identified is the high cost of diapers. A "diaper pantry" sponsored by CalWORKs department under Breanne Holland is in the works.

Students need workshops on credit repair, budgeting, and financial tools. A partnership with Safe Credit Union was suggested.
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