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Meeting Notes

NAME OF COUNCIL/TEAM: Student Success Council
OBJECTIVE OF MEETING: Discuss the LGBTQIA Project team report - 1st reading
DATE OF MEETING: 03/16/2021
TIME: 1:00pm
CALL-IN NUMBER:+1 669 900 6833
CALL-IN CODE: 973 6821 3245
FACILITATOR(S): Frank Kobayashi, Sarah Lehmann
ASSISTANT: Beth Madigan
MEMBERS PRESENT: Roderic Agbunag, Nimo Ali, Sharon Gott, Carina Hoffpauir, Adam Karp, Frank Kobayashi, Sarah Lehmann, Adam Windham, Vicki Alonso, Susan Andre, Eliza Arata, Nisha Beckhorn, Pamela Chao, Ramses Galvez, Jennifer Laflam, Beth Madigan, Jeff Stephenson
INVITED GUEST(S): Roger Davidson, Dr. Emilie Mitchell
Attached Files:
LGBTQIA+ Project Team Report
LGBTQIA+ Executive Summary
LGBTQIA+ Programming Addendum
Student Success Council Perspectives
Topic Person(s) Responsible Notes
Update: report back from PES about student communications discussion from last meeting Frank Kobayashi
The Vice President Student Services and ARC's Public Information Officer gave updates on progress of student communications to the President's Executive Staff, and will continue to provide updates to the Student Success Council regarding accountability issues.
Update about the work of the forms/process improvement group led by Koue Vang Frank Kobayashi
The Forms/Process Improvement Group meets for the first time on March 23, 2021 to review goals, strategy and action plans for reviewing both ARC and District processes and forms. Interim Vice President Administration Koue Vang is the group lead. The group is comprised of instructional deans, classified professionals, and representatives from the Business Office, Admissions Records, Workforce, Operations and faculty.
Are there any questions surrounding reopening? Frank Kobayashi
Reopening Plans are based on the State's COVID color coding restrictions and are moving forward with "impossible to convert" classes on ground in Fall, and all other classes online.
Question Person(s) Responsible Notes and Decision(s) Next Steps
Are there any suggestions for changes to the notes from the previous meeting? Sarah Lehmann 0
Notes from the previous meeting are approved by consensus with no changes.
Question Person(s) Responsible Notes and Next Steps
First reading: LGBTQIA+ DI Report. Frank Kobayashi & Sarah Lehmann Dr. Emilie Mitchell and Natomas Dean Roger Davidson co-chair this Team. The Disproportionate Impact (DI) Report's first reading was reviewed which covers background, theories, ARC's history with LGBTQIA+, student experiences and recommendations.

Theories include: intersectionality, critical race theory, and a "trickle up" theory to be used in educational policy making where students who need the most assistance are given the most resources, and the benefits trickle up to all students.

Student experiences are tracked from data garnered from a Pride Center Campus Climate Survey, Institutional Campus Climate Survey, DI Report Student Survey, and a DI Team Student Listening Session.

Recommendations include: 1) Improve data collection; 2) adopt "trickle up" theory; 3) engage and/or assign a culturally competent mental health professional and basic needs programming to assist LGBTQIA+ students; 4) create inclusive classroom environment and curriculum for LGBTQIA+ students; 5) strengthen organizational structures to achieve better coordination effort; 6) increase counseling support to Pride Center; 7) increase accountability related to hate/bias incidents; 8) commit to training; 9) work intentionally to reduce process barriers; and 10) address restroom, locker room, shower facilities on campus to ensure equitable access and safety.

After discussion by Members about incorporating edits and content into current draft of Report. timelines were reset to allow for incorporating edits by March 26, 2021, and to align with the next Student Success Council meeting on April 6, 2021. A request will be made to the Academic Senate to move their second reading to April 8, 2021.

Regarding Report content, discussion included: 1) research data to determine the percentage of LGBTQIA+ students that are part of the Pride Center compared to those outside the Pride Center; 2) no significant differences in overall demographics was noted; and 3) by adding intersectionality into demographics, the number of people decreases significantly until the data points are just too small to be relevant.

(If there's time): Student Success Council Perspectives Sarah Lehmann Perspectives discussion continues after a first draft: 1) replace Faculty Representative: Student Equity Plan (Black, Latinx, Native Americans/Indigenous students, LGBTQIA+ student, API students); 2) replace Faculty Representative: Basic Skills Initiative (from Math, English, ESL); 3) replace Faculty Representative: SSSP Program with classified or faculty who work in the Student Services area; and 4) replace Equity Action Institute Coordinator with faculty, classified or administrator from Office of Equity and Inclusion.

Feedback included: 1) adding 5 new positions increases size of SS Council - how much overlap is there and can we consolidate?; 2) how would we determine whether to add faculty or classified? 3) how would staff who serve DI student population be determined? 4) how would representation of Student Services be determined as to faculty or classified? 5) HomeBases representation; 6) organizational chart might help make determinations as to who will represent; and 7) survey student about who they rely on the most for information and assistance.
Topic Contact Person
Perspectives Discussion Continued
First reading: LGBTQIA+ DI Report.