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NAME OF COUNCIL/TEAM: Operations Council
OBJECTIVE OF MEETING: Review updates on facilities, access, technology, budgets, and safety.
DATE OF MEETING: 01/26/2021
TIME: 1:30pm
CALL-IN NUMBER:16699006833
CALL-IN CODE: 92169020797#
FACILITATOR(S): Koue Vang, Olga Prizhbilov
ASSISTANT: Beth Madigan
MEMBERS PRESENT: Pamela Bimbi, BonnyJean Bowman, Roger Davidson, Keri Jumelet, Adam Karp, Beth Madigan, Isolina San Juan, Cheryl Sears, David Shrope-Austin, Jan Delapp, Parrish Geary, Bryon Gustafson, Olga Prizhbilov, Regena Tiner, Koue Vang, Annaliese Pennell
INVITED GUEST(S): Mario Rodriguez
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Meeting Notes 12/15/2020
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What are the budget updates for our District/ARC? Guest: Mario Rodriguez
Vice Chancellor of Finance Mario Rodriquez reviewed the Governor's Budget proposal for 2020-2021 with Members. This was a high level overview of what is currently included in this budget, and indicated which items may not be in the May Revise budget. Cost of Living COLA from last year of 2.3% was not made available, but may be reinstated along with the 1.5% COLA for the current year which could provide a 3.8%  cost of living increase, The COLA is distributed by Los Rios with 20% allocated to operations and 80% allocated to the employee units. Employee units (LRCEA, SEIU, LRSA. LRFT and the association for management and confidentials LRMA) distribute COLA funding through a "bucket" system so the allocation may not be the same per unit. Enrollment is another component of basic funding for the district which is down by 10 - 12% due to COVID closures and moving to remote learning. Enrollment is expected to lag for 2 - 3 years.
What are the safety updates? Capitain Day
Operations Director gave the Safety Report indicating that the homeless issue still exists, and a few break-ins and vandalism were reported. 
What are the facilities and maintenance and access updates? Cheryl Sears
Operations Director reminded Members that protocol has changed for those coming to campus, and the new forms can be found on the Operations website. These forms track who is on campus and where they went so that maintenance can appropriately clean those areas. A mandated OSHA training was provided to managers at ARC. Building updates for Natomas, Technical Education and STEM are all moving forward. HomeBase locations are being painted and furniture is being installed. Technology is being installed in the STEM building. The Business Office is fully moved to the Admissions Records area. Receiving was backed up for 2 weeks but  the issues are now fixed. Grounds are still not being kept up although the weeds have been cut down. The Beaver Food Pantry distributed 1,461 meals recently, but a lack of volunteers threatens the efficiency of this project. Only 6 volunteers showed up and we need 20 volunteers to handle the volume.
What are the technology updates? (Technology needs for staff, chromebooks for students, etc.) Jeff Bucher
Vice President of Administration gave the IT report indicating that our VPN remote system will be changing providers in March. All ARC-owned laptops will be affected as well as personal computers being used while remote.
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