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NAME OF COUNCIL/TEAM: Operations Council
OBJECTIVE OF MEETING: Review updates on facilities, access, technology, and safety; Introduce Actionable Equity PD Series
DATE OF MEETING: 11/24/2020
TIME: 1:30pm
CALL-IN NUMBER:+16699006833
CALL-IN CODE: 92169020797#
FACILITATOR(S): Koue Vang, Olga Prizhbilov
ASSISTANT: Beth Madigan
MEMBERS PRESENT: Pamela Bimbi, Jeff Bucher, Roger Davidson, Keri Jumelet, Adam Karp, Beth Madigan, Michele Nolan, Cheryl Sears, , Jan Delapp, Parrish Geary, Bryon Gustafson, Olga Prizhbilov, Regena Tiner, Koue Vang,
INVITED GUEST(S): Jen Laflam, Pam Chao, Annaliese Pennell
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Meeting Minutes 10/27/2020
Spring 2021 Actionable Equity PD Series
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What are the safety updates? Captain Day
Operations Director gave update on ongoing safety issues: break ins, vandalism, broken window with turkeys, skunks and cats taking over from the weeds and cobwebs, Campus looks vacant, so ongoing concerns about homeless trespassers.
What are the facilities and maintenance and access updates? Cheryl Sears
Operations Director's update included ongoing drop off/pick up status for equipment located between the Ranch House and Portable Village. One thousand (1,000) food boxes and toiletries will be available on November 25th . Homebase locations should be ready before the holiday break around December 18th - IT staff will be installing technology and computers. The new STEM building construction is completed with furniture which was presented to the Council via a video.
What are the technology updates? (Technology needs for staff, chromebooks for students, etc.) Jeff Bucher
IT Supervisor indicated that a District-wide change with VPN will be made in February but has not been announced yet. The new VPN is more strict about software and connecting to the network. Additionally, last year $150,000 - $200,000 was spent on equipment to support Workforce but was not used. Lots of new equipment will become available. STEM building needs IT to be installed. IT has staff on campus two days per week to assist with IT needs.
What are the budget updates for ARC? Koue Vang
Interim VPA reminded Council Members that minimum wage increases  in January. ARC will also continue to plan setting aside reserves to supplement new Tech Ed and Natomas Outreach buildings.
Introduction of the Actionable Equity Faculty PD Seris Jen Laflam, Pam Chao
Guests from the Professional Development Team gave a presentation on a new 2021 Actionable Equity Series to the Council targeted to leadership work and faculty. This four part series is comprised of 2-hours sessions: 1) actionable equity framework and basic knowledge; 2) anti-racism work; 3) data and culture; and 4) Student Ready Action! emphasizing disproportionately impacted students and transformation. A classified version is in the works.
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