Forward Motion

Governance Highlights
October 2019

What Happened In The Councils?

Executive Leadership Team (ELT)


  • Reviewed the work of the constituency groups -
  • Management - Professional development training provided for administrators on religious inclusion/worldview and development of an interfaith calendar to inform scheduling practices
  • Faculty - Work on updating faculty handbook including the provision of advice on syllabus content. Additionally, looking at impact of finals week on student success with student input
  • Classified - Classified retreat meeting with representatives from Madera College, which is currently in process to become an accredited institution
  • Students - Attended parliamentary procedure conference and planning for an upcoming leadership conference; discussed providing support for students for before finals (e.g. snacks) and for winter (e.g. socks, blankets); expressed student concerns about Aramark contract; will review pathways communities information packet at next meeting

Action Item:

  • DI Populations project team composition affirmed

Discussion Items:

  • Governance Recommendations Implementation Tracking (GRIT) Report draft document designed to track recommendations of project teams and recognize work accomplished; to be embedded in governance system; will be sustained by PES
  • Pathways Communities and First-term Course Schedules are key components of the next major stage of our student facing redesign; integration with Areas of Interest
  • ARC's Advanced Industry facilities concept is being considered for inclusion in ARC facilities master plan

Student Success Council (SSC)


  • Equity Action Institute -- needs volunteers to read apps and serve on participant selection committee

Discussion Items:

  • Campus Climate -- discussions concerning the sign in HUB and the recent Brave Space Dialogs; several facilitated conversations occurring throughout the campus to promote healing; counseling is also available for those who need it
  • Data on Demand -- researchers discussed how to access and use the system, including the source and integrity of data; training is needed for departments wanting to use data
  • Clarification around first-term scheduling, FYE, Pathways Communitites, Achieve

Institutional Effectiveness Council (IEC)


  • Professional Development Project Team -- framework of plan will build on Institutional Equity Plan; discussions regarding funding, aligning interests with campus groups
  • Institutional Campus Climate Survey -- Purpose of survey and how will the results be utilized; collaboration with DI team leads
  • Program Review -- this year's cohort has received training; annual unit planning section of Integrated Planning Portal has been updated; notes for continuous improvement, connection to accreditation discussed
  • Governance Member Training -- Beware the Colonization of Equity Efforts, by Jackie Reza

Discussion Items:

  • Follow up on State Auditor's IT recommendations -- input from Council reflected that the annual unit planning process is sufficient to ensure interests are represented
  • Tracking Project Team Recommendations -- Shared draft report for governance redesign implementation
  • ACCJC -- process changes for reaffirmation of accreditation; institutional self-evaluation report (ISER) will be due 1/2022; accreditation timeline discussed; LRCCD District Accreditation Coordinating Committee (DACC) occurred 11/1; initiating a project team is an option to author ISERB

Operations Council (OC)


  • Facilities -- Construction of Wellness Center underway; Welcome Center moving forward; hydronics line trench nearing completion, pathway will open soon; STEM building now has a roof
  • Wayfinding/sign shop -- Parking lot signage going up first, then exterior buildings, completion set for 1/20.
  • Technology -- Student email accounts sustained only after enrollment
  • Safety -- New LRPD hiring process in progress; fire drills complete at ARC; ACES and PAT have been discontinued, EOC is being discussed; there have been tours, safety talks; Coffee with a Cop is coming soon
  • Sustainability Project Team - The 2025 regulations were discussed and the co-chair will be attending upcoming sustainability conferences; considerations by the team are: engagement, environment, food, technology, curriculum, labs, landscaping, waste management, water, and accessibility.

What Are We Working On?

  • Pathways Communities implementation and first-term course schedules is the next phase of the student facing redesign

What's Next?

  • Discuss the key takeaways learned from the free speech workshop that was presented by the General Council at the district office
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