Forward Motion

Governance Highlights
September 2019

What Happened In The Councils?

Executive Leadership Team (ELT)

  • Calendaring for conflicts and eliminating bottleneck of project team readings/reports to councils and ELT
  • Update on governance system and IGOR
  • Student Services updates:
  • More issues with sidewalk closures - signage and carts implementation?
  • Business services needs in Welcome and Support?
  • 6 teams of Achieve students (3,600 total)
  • Starfish, Connect, and Highpoint implementation

Student Success Council (SSC)

  • SEM/Ad Astra project - What are the implications for ARC and enrollment management?
  • Pathways Discussion - Areas of interest, schools, pathway communities
  • Highlights from the Governance Training of 9/6/19
  • Charter updates. Who will be serving on the DI Team?
  • Campus Climate Survey - Why is it being done? Questions or input from the Council?

Institutional Effectiveness Council (IEC)

  • Highlights from the Governance Training of 9/6/19
  • Technical support for the governance process
  • Update from the Professional Development Team
  • Formatting edits to the Equity Plan that were made over the summer
  • Action: Council supports the addition of Equity & Social Justice language to charters
  • Upcoming Institutional Campus Climate Survey
  • Input on the summary of data issues addressed in annual unit plans from spring 2019
  • Method for collecting input by the EMP Team

Operations Council (OC)

  • Updates from Facilities and Maintenance
  • Wayfinding implementation
  • Safety and Technology updates
  • Team updates from the Wellness Center Team and the new Sustainability Team
  • District Budget Committee update: 2019-2020 budget adoption

What Are We Working On?

College Priorities:

  • Continued improvements to Wayfinding, website
  • Implementing work done on pathways
  • Converging project team work
  • More student input and equity focus in the work we are doing

What's Next?

  • Upcoming information and forums for new president search
  • Survey for reflecting on Fall 2019 Leadership training

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