Forward Motion

Governance Highlights
October 2018

What Happened In The Councils?

Executive Leadership Team (ELT)

  • Discussed the Los Rios Online Consortium concept proposal.
  • Discussed how technology will impact the college's efforts to simplify the "front door" for new students.
  • Discussed ARC's midterm accreditation report.

Student Success Council (SSC)

  • Discussed two potential new project teams: enrollment management & educational master plan.
  • Discussed the concept of resource panels, individuals or groups who would provide expertise for teams and councils.

Institutional Effectiveness Council (IEC)

  • Moving forward with Integrated Planning Improvement, which includes program review and annual unit planning.
  • Getting input on midterm accreditation report.
  • Moving forward on data dashboard with hopes for spring 2019 rollout.

Operations Council (OC)

  • Moving forward with construction design guidelines as part of facilities master planning.
  • Moving forward with planning for the Wellness Center, including space and service needs, focused on providing additional services starting Jan 2019.
  • Continuing discussion about campus wayfinding.

What Are We Working On?

Supporting Governance:

  • Make plans now to attend Spring 2019 Convocation (Friday, Jan. 18, 2019).
  • Convocation will feature updates from all seven current project teams.
  • The college is looking at new project teams in Spring.
  • Want to know the latest? Make sure to visit the Institutional Governance Online Repository (IGOR) at IGOR provides timely access to meeting agendas, notes, rosters, templates and other governance documents.

What's Next?

The college is moving forward with its midterm accreditation report. The IEC has developed a draft report and input is being sought from constituent groups. The draft report was presented to the ELT on Nov. 5. The IEC hopes to approve the draft Nov 19; it will then go to the ELT for approval. The District Accreditation Coordinating Committee is expected to review all four colleges' draft reports in early December.

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