Forward Motion

Governance Highlights
November 2018

What Happened In The Councils?

Executive Leadership Team (ELT)

  • Reviewed and approved draft of the ACCJC Midterm Accreditation Report
  • Reviewed the team report from the Wellness Center Project Team and identified priority work for the Spring 2019 semester 
  • Approved last of council and project team charters

Student Success Council (SSC)

  •  Reviewed final report from the ELSS Project Team
  • Received updates on distance education, program review and clarify program paths

Institutional Effectiveness Council (IEC)

  • Program Review presentation made to Student Success Council
  • Final report from the Integrated Planning Project Team is expected in February
  • Approved draft Midterm Accreditation Report
  • Discussed recommendations for supporting the institutionalization of our governance

Operations Council (OC)

  • Reviewed and accepted the final report from the Wellness Center Project Team
  • Received an update from the Facilities Master Plan Project Team along with updates on current facility issues, wayfinders, and classified professional development

What Are We Working On?

Supporting Governance:

  • Enterprise Level Scheduling Solution Project Team: currently reviewing/approving their implementation report
  • Facilities Master Plan Project Team: the team's final report will be presented to the Operations Council in December and January and is expected to be forwarded to the Executive Leadership Team for a first reading in February and approval in March 

What's Next?

With the work of the Enterprise Level Scheduling Project Team concluded, two new teams are currently being considered for work to begin in the spring - Enrollment Management and Educational Master Plan.

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