Forward Motion

Governance Highlights
March 2019

What Happened In The Councils?

Executive Leadership Team (ELT)

  • Reviewed initiation form and charter for Sustainability Improvement Project Team
  • Discussed sequencing of work anticipated for 2019-20 project teams
  • Reviewed (first reading) Student Equity and Achievement (SEA) draft plan

Student Success Council (SSC)

  • Received updates on Clarify Program Paths, ELSS, and SEA 
  • Discussed ARC Online 2.0 draft plan and Disproportionately Impacted Students project team initiation proposal.

Institutional Effectiveness Council (IEC)

  • Received updates on program review, annual unit planning, ACCJC midterm report and Data on Demand system
  • Reviewed and discussed Institutional Equity Plan and Vision for Success goal alignment

Operations Council (OC)

  • Received updates on wayfinders, facilities, professional development, Wellness Center and technology
  • Discussed the indigenous land statement, Sustainability Improvement Project Team, and all gender restrooms

What Are We Working On?

Supporting Governance:

Efforts are in the works to leverage our governance infrastructure to support and document the work of the College's various advisory committees.  

Approved Projects for 2018-2019:

  • Facilities Master Plan (ELT Approved March 2019)
  • Integrated Planning Guide (ELT Approved March 2019)
  • Wellness Center Project Team Report (ELT approval in December 2018)

What's Next?

The College continues to identify the 2019-20 list of project teams. Areas of focus will include, but will not be limited to, Institutional Professional Development, Educational Master Planning, Enrollment Management and Sustainability.

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