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Student Success Council Members

Name Group Role Perspective Constituency
Kobayashi, Frank Chair Vice President of Instruction Management
Lehmann, Sarah Co-chair Faculty Representative Faculty
Stephenson, Jeff Member Vice President of Student Services Management
Karp, Adam Member Dean of Planning, Research and Technology Management
Beckhorn, Nisha Member Dean Representative - Instructional Management
Windham, Adam Member Administrative Representative - Instruction Management
Agbunag, Roderic Member Faculty Representative - Student Equity Plan Faculty
Jenkins, Arthur Member Faculty Representative - Basic Skills Initiative Faculty
Laflam, Jennifer Member Faculty Representative - Instructional - Basic Skills Faculty
Unassigned Member Faculty Representative - Instructional - Career Technical Education Faculty
Andre, Susan Member Faculty Representative - Student Success Support Program Faculty
Galvez, Ramses Member Associated Student Body Representative Student
Chao, Pamela Member Equity Action Institute Coordinator (or designee) Faculty
Arata, Eliza Member Administrative Representative - Workforce Management
Gott, Sharon Member Faculty Representative - General Education/Transfer Faculty
Hoffpauir, Carina Member Academic Senate Representative Faculty
Alonso, Vicki Member Classified Representative - Instruction Classified
Aflaki, Afsaneh Member Associated Student Body Representative Student
Ali, Nimo Member Classified Representative - Student Services Classified
Madigan, Beth Assistant Assistant Staff Support (ex-officio)