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Operations Council Members

Name Group Role Perspective Constituency
Vang, Koue Chair Vice President of Administrative Services Management
Prizhbilov, Olga Co-chair Classified Representative Classified
Karp, Adam Member Dean of Planning, Research and Technology Management
Gustafson, Bryon Member Associate Vice President, Workforce Management
Davidson, Roger Member Dean of Natomas Education Center Management
Delapp, Jan Member Dean of Kinesiology and Athletics or designee Management
Sears, Cheryl Member Director of Administrative Services Management
Day, Christopher Member Police Captain Management
San Juan, Isolina Member Business Office Supervisor Classified
Bucher, Jeff Member Information Technology Supervisor Classified
Nolan, Michele Member College Nurse Faculty
Bimbi, Pamela Member Distance Education Coordinator Faculty
Shrope-Austin, David Member Faculty Representative Faculty
Tiner, Regena Member Classified Representative - Student Services Classified
Bowman, BonnyJean Member Classified Representative - Instruction Classified
Geary, Parrish Member Dean Representative - Student Services Management
Madigan, Beth Member Safety Representative, Confidential Classified
Bowman, BonnyJean Member Safety Representative, LRCEA Classified
San Juan, Isolina Member Safety Representative, LRSA Classified
Jumelet, Keri Member Safety Representative, SEIU Classified
Formul, beheshta Member Associated Student Body Representative Student
Galvez, Ramses Member Associated Student Body Representative Student
Madigan, Beth Assistant Assistant Staff Support (ex-officio)