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Executive Leadership Team Members

Name Group Role Perspective Constituency
Greene, Thomas Chair College President Management
Karp, Adam Member Dean of Planning, Research and Technology Management
Kobayashi, Frank Member Vice President of Instruction Management
Stephenson, Jeff Member Vice President of Student Services Management
Vang, Koue Member Vice President of Administrative Services Management
Shubb, Alisa Member Academic Senate President Faculty
Lovering, Janay Member Academic Senate Vice President Faculty
Gaudard, Amy Member Academic Senate Secretary Faculty
Prizhbilov, Olga Member Classified Senate President Classified
Tiner, Regena Member Classified Senate Past President Classified
Bowman, BonnyJean Member Classified Senate Vice President Classified
Crow, Scott Member Public Information Officer (or designee) Classified
Sheppard, Mark Member Associated Student Body Vice President Student
Dasari, Naomi Member Associated Student Body President Student
Tabares, Tressa Member Academic Senate Past President Faculty
Simpson, William Member Institutional Effectiveness Council Co-Chair Faculty
Prizhbilov, Olga Member Operations Council Co-Chair Classified
Lehmann, Sarah Member Student Success Council Co-Chair Faculty
McCoy, Susan Assistant Assistant Staff Support (ex-officio)